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Covid-19 Travel Requirements

Covid-19 Travel Requirements (Foreign Tourists)

Philippine Entry

1. There is no need for your vaccination status.
2. Registration with eTravel

Contact Us

WhatsApp: +63 908 890 8033
Working hours: 8am to 8pm Philippine time

[email protected]

General Enquires

Please select an experience that suits you and your group.
fill out the ‘Booking Request Form’ on the experience you wish to choose.
Let us know as much information about you and your group as possible so that we can advise you on the best options.


Full payment is required to confirm your reservation. This is payable by Bank Transfer. Instructions on how to pay will be included in your booking e-mail.

Rebooking and Cancellation (BOAT EXPEDITION)

Rebooking or changes can be made up to 14 Days before your scheduled departure, but this is subject to availability and a rebooking fee of 50 USD per person.
Your reservation is transferable to another traveler but a 50 USD per person will be charged.
Should you decide to rebook from a longer Tao trip experience to a shorter one, no refund will be made, and a rebooking fee will apply.

The ONLY time we can cancel our expeditions is when a severe weather warning has been announced and when the Coast Guard did not grant us clearance to travel.
When our expeditions get cancelled, we automatically reschedule within the next two days. If you cancel within this period, no refund shall be made. Please make sure that when this occurs, your travel insurance will cover it.
We will only issue a full refund if we, Tao Philippines, cancel the full trip.
If you wish to cancel your trip, then you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50 USD per person. 50% of your full payment will be forfeited if notice to cancel is less than 30 Days before your scheduled trip.
We will not refund any amount if you cancel 3 days prior to your expedition dat. This also applies to cancellation or reducing the number of travelers.

No refunds will be made if you do not show up for your scheduled departure.

Tao Philippines shall not be held liable to its guests for any loss or damage, of whatever kind or nature, which may be suffered by the guests including but not limited to delays, cancellation of flights, missed flights, unused room reservations, other itineraries and prohibition of boat navigation as mandated by the government authorities due to weather disturbance as a direct or indirect result of the failure on the part of the company to fulfill and/or comply with its obligations under its Booking Policy with the said guests. If said fulfillment and/or compliance were prevented, hindered, delayed or rendered impossible by reason of circumstances or events beyond the reasonable control of the company; including but not limited to acts of God, acts of any governmental authority, war, rebellion, epidemic, riots, strikes, disturbance, accident, fire, flood, storm, or other related circumstances or events affecting the capability of the company to fulfill and/or comply with its aforesaid obligations.

Travel Agency Booking

The Tao experience is not for everyone and therefore it is important that our services are not miss sold to someone.
It is important that we have communication with the guest so that we make sure that they are right for the trip.
If you are arranging your Philippine visit with an agent then email us first to know that you understand our trips and the rest of the booking can be done by agentsWe do not do commission basis bookings.