Open Group Tao Experience

Join a group of like-minded independent travellers and local islander crew on a journey that connects El Nido and Coron – or vice versa – through the beautiful Linapacan group with our Native Bangka Boats (Not the Sailboat). Our expedition is the only access to this remote region on a 5 day journey, with no itinerary or set destinations. We leave after breakfast on the first day and arrive before nightfall in our destination port on the last day.

During the day we get lost in a paradise playground of deserted islands, swim to the beach and get coconuts, go snorkeling to explore the underwater world, stay onboard and fish off the back of the boat, or just read your book and relax on top deck.

After a long day, we set up for the night in one of the Tao base-camps scattered around the archipelago. Each of this camps has its own unique feature: from raw isolated island,to a traditional fishing village or a hidden jungle lodge. Our main camp is the Tao Farm, an essential stop for water and food supply and for our guest to check out the community projects. Enjoy a few beers and share stories round a fire as the moon rises and fall asleep in open cabanas to the sound of the waves, ready for another day of adventure!

Who is the trip for?

The Open Group is a sociable experience, shared with individuals from all over the world.
We encourage a wide mix of ages within the group, from old time adventurers, short break professionals to first time travelers- they all make the good atmosphere onboard, there is no upper age limit- all you need is an adventurous spirit and comfortable in the water.
Unfortunately Open Group Expeditions are not suitable for travelers under 14.We run the expeditions on different sizes of boats. There can be up to 24 guests on each expedition and 8-10 local crew. We can not confirm the size of the groups in advance.

What time of year is good to visit?

Our regular 5day/4night Open Group Experiences run throughout the year. There are two main seasons in the Philippines, 'Amihan'- North East winds which bring the dry season run from October to May, this is our high season. The 'Habagat'- South East winds which bring the rainy season run from June to September, so expect some rainy days if you are travelling during these months.
For more information on the weather please read the advice in the travel information section.

When do trips Depart and Arrive?

There are several departures each week (Sunday, Wednesday and/or Monday/Tuesday), so the application form will give you a choice of available departures close to your date. A boat leaves in El Nido and a boat leaves in Coron.
Sunday departure - available WHOLE YEAR;
Wednesday departure - available from November to May;
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday departure - available from December to April.

All Expeditions DEPART [start] at 8:30h from the Tao office in either El Nido or Coron.
All Expeditions ARRIVE [end] between 17:00h-18:00h in the Tao office in either El Nido or Coron.

What time is Check-in and Briefing?

You are required to CHECK-IN and attend the group BRIEFING at 17:00h the day before your departure in the Tao office in either El Nido or Coron.
In Coron we have the Tao office by the main strip of Don Pedro Street. In El Nido, the Tao Office is located in Barangay Corong Corong (National Hi-way).

Any other information I need to know?

Take a look at the Travel Information section at the bottom of the main page. Here you will find useful information and answers to questions for travel in Palawan, flight information, accommodation recommendations, packing lists and everything else you need to know.

What is included?

» 5 days of travel connecting El Nido and Coron
» 4 night Camping in Tao Basecamps or Villages
» The wild open nature and island living
» Meals, drinks and snacks
» Mask and Snorkels
» A donation to the Tao Kalahi Foundation Projects

What is not Included?

» A perfect weather, Fins, Towels
» Accommodation before and after the trip
» Tip for the crew
» Alcoholic drinks [can be ordered at check-in]
» Php200 El Nido Eco-Tourism Development Fee (ETDF) - valid for 10 days
» A 4.4% PayPal fee if you pay thru PayPal (under shipping & handling)

Prices (October 2016 - September 2017)

Regular 5day / 4night :

» 26,000 Philippines Pesos - per person

Peak Season 5day / 4night ( Pre-Christmas, Christmas, New Year, post New Year, Lunar New Year and Easter Holiday)

» 31,200 Philippines Pesos per person

Warning: This journey is not for everyone!

It might be bad weather, it might be rough waves, limited privacy, barking Dogs, crowing roosters, mosquito bites, jellyfish stings, sunburns. But that is the nature of the Tao, the unexpected, the unknown, stepping outside your comfort zone, diving into the experience. We love it, but we understand that this is not everyone's idea of a holiday.

Before applying to take part in this experience you must understand that what Tao offers is not a tour or a hotel. We do not guarantee that you will have a nice relaxing time. In fact we do not guarantee anything. You have to go with the flow and ultimately you are the deciding factor in the experience you have with Tao. This is a sociable trip for sociable people. You have to know that we only offer 50% of the experience, we offer the tools and framework for you to discover for yourself the true island culture of this remote tropical archipelago, the other 50% comes from you, your enthusiasm, your adventurous spirit, your conversation, YOU are the deciding factor.



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Subsequent we will ask you for some personal information who you are and why you want to travel with us and who else you want to bring with you.

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Dates that are full and have a long wait list will no longer appear on the calendar.

If you don't hear from us within 3 days, please send an email to [email protected]