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The reviews below are extracts from our guest book which visitors are encouraged to write in after their expedition...

"Its been a privileged to be on board as the adventure evolves. You showed us the island playground as if we were all friends, but i guess now we are! Keep the enthusiasm and unplanned journeys, and you will keep the magic. I have been to the Philippines many times but this trip tops them all. I will be back and hope that Tao is still here, sure you will be!"
Steve, 42 Britain

"The last 5 days have been a blast! Our trip has been everything I wanted and more. This was the highlight of the Philippines for me and one of the top adventures of all my travels!"

Andrew Fuentes, New York

"It has just been great to spend these few days on the Aurora, time has past so quickly, yet time seemed to stand still. Good fun and breathtaking views, its all you need for a lifetime"
Margaux, 27 Switzerland

"My wife came here a shooting star virgin. She's going home a whore!"
Mike [and Fong], 60 Singapore

"Fun, breathtaking and culturally magnificent are all understatements to you expedition. Big thank you to Jack and Eddie and the crew for the highlight of my trip to the Philippines. I will certainly spread the word of Tao to all. I wish all of you safe further adventurous voyages on the Aurora"
Craig Van Rooyen, South Africa

"Its been a joy and delight to join the expedition...the massage on the top deck under the stars was just the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake! "
Ida, Ida, Mette, Denmark

"We feared we would have had a sad Christmas in the Hotel but instead it was the best Christmas ever! "
Ryan and Edith, Denmark

"I still cannot believe that we actually went to all these out of a dream beaches and remote villages "
Simone, Denmark

"Thank you for realizing a dream. We have been spoiled without being hassled. You really managed to make it special "
Tamar and On, Israel

It is easy to put down only the good reviews from travel forums,media articles etc. but we thought we would like to put here a bad one that we can work on and also to make sure that it is important to filter the travelers who inquire for our trips.. As we keep on saying this is NOT for everybody...